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✔ Distance 5.5km (3,41 miles)  ✔ Height 669 meters (0,41 miles)   ✔ Duration 4 hours (Return)

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Overview of Lion’s Head hike.

This article is the most recently updated source of information all about Lion’s Head hike. Get ready to begin a journey into South Africa’s wildlife on Cape Town’s best hiking trails. Hike in Cape Town using our guided hiking services – Hike Lion’s Head – to embark on Lion’s Head hiking tour.

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About Us: Hike Lion’s head is a company specialising in the Lion’s head hike. Our services include the Lion’s head guided hike, hiking in Cape Town, group hiking tours, private hiking tours.

Must know facts about Lion’s Head hike.

We discuss must know facts about Lion’s Head hike including, safety guidelines one must follow to hike Lion’s Head without injury. Lion’s head trails, the different routes to hike Lion’s Head mountain. Learn about Lion’s Head hike duration, how much time it takes to complete a Lions Head hike.

If you are thinking about hiking lions head at a particular time of day, this page covers the different Lion’s Head hike times. Use the Lion’s Head trail map, a picture of different Lion’s Head trail routes. Find where the Lion’s Head trail starts, with these directions, from Cape Town to Lion’s Head. Directions that will help you hike Lions Head alone – not recommended – or with a professional mountain guide – highly recommended – with Hike Lion’s Head, award winning treks and tours.

Look to bright side, Lion’s Head hike is suitable in almost all weather in Cape Town. (Except some weather of course). Lion’s Head hike distance, a round trip that starts and finishes at the same place, length is included as distance and time. How much Lion’s Head hike costs varies in price, we offer the lowest rate for Lion’s Head hike – exclusive to readers of this page.

Do not skip this page if you plan on hiking in Cape Town, included in the article is must know facts, keyword phrases and FAQ’s about Lion’s Head hike, exclusive to Hike Lion’s Head website readers. Enjoy a better Lion’s Head hike by reading more of this page.

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Embark on a Lion’s head hike and feel a mixture of excitement and joy. A Lion’s Head hike that starts at the Lion’s Head trail, is a highly rated attraction in Cape Town. People come to see Lion’s Head mountain as an attraction but also to hike the mountain. Hiking is a high risk outdoors adventure activity, which requires a guide – our services included guided hikes and adventure tours.

Hike Lion’s Head – is excited to take you on a guided hike up one of Cape Town’s best hiking trails. We specialise in the Lion’s Head trail, always ready for the next adventure with the people who come to join our hiking tours.

There’s a reason why we have put together this comprehensive article providing information on the Lion’s Head hike, primarily because our company – Hike Lion’s Head – services include Lion’s Head hike at the lowest rate, secondly this article is here to help you with keyword phrase, must know facts and frequently asked questions about Lion’s Head hike.

Lion’s Head hike safety – Prevent common dangers and injury.

Let’s start to cover one of our most important aspects of Lion’s Head hike with the proper safety required before embarking on a lions Head hike. The next must know facts cover mostly all that is required to add to your well being during the hike, read these key notes carefully.

The two best trail for Lion’s Head hike safety.

Dangers of the Lion’s Head hike include muggings, robbery and injury. Being prepared to hike Lion’s Head takes a good understanding of the two best trails for Lion’s Head hike safety.

Route number one to hike lions head safely, the easiest trail.

Looking for an easy Lion’s Head walk? Our most popular guided hike tour, the number one route to hike Lion’s head safely is to take the Spiral route. The Lion’s Head Spiral trail is the recommended route for those afraid of heights, have kids, dogs or not average level fitness. The number of hiking clients we take on this more secluded Lion’s Head path is more than the Lion’s Head Chains. However, hike Lion’s Head any time of day and you may find that the Spiral route is lesser known, even by locals. This is because guided hiking tours – such as the one we offer, is always planned to show you something a little more exploring in nature.

Route number two, safety first for Lion’s Head adventure hikes.

Looking for something more adventurous? Try our latest fun filled guided hiking tour up the Lion’s Head Chains. This adventure tour is not to be missed. Get up to the top of Lion’s Head faster than the crowd on a busy day and check out the amazing view on top. You will have a chance to roam free on the summit at your own leisurely pace before heading back down, to catch the shuttle return to your accommodation in a 4 hours adrenaline rush.

More people improve Lion’s Head hike safety.

Timeless wisdom passed down through generations suggests that there’s safety in numbers and indeed, more people improve Lion’s Head hike safety. We at hike Lions head understand that sometimes it’s just better go at it alone. Making sure that someone knows the directions to Lion’s Head you will be taking is the best preventative measure for incidences including robbery, mugging and general safety. If someone knows where you are then they will be looking out for your hiking safety.

Safe drinking water on Lion’s Head hike.

While there are water stations found at the bottom of the mountain, selling safe drinking water, there’s no refill at the end of the Lion’s Head hiking trail. Cape Town water is generally considered safe to drink from the taps and if needed bring lots of water to the Lion’s Head hike. The hike makes one thirsty, enough water is usually 2 liters per person or as much as you can carry up the mountain safely, without doing injury. The guides do provide free drinking water for you that is safe to consume on the hike and should you choose to hike with us, the guides may even carry the drinking water for you to quench your thirst.

We rate the following retail outlets with excellent service, selling bottled drinking water for a Lion’s Head hike. The links direct you to supermart stocking safe drinking water near you:

Safest trail to hike Lion’s Head, different routes.

Hiking safety also means knowing which route you will be taking, as Lions Head has many. We recommend booking a hike to get the most out of your Lions Head experience. There are two trails which we outline in the heading, “Different trails for Lion’s Head hike. These two routes are the Spiral and the Chains route. A guided hike takes you on up to two different routes in one hike, as a way to see it all from on top of Lion’s Head mountain.

Weather in Cape Town for Lion’s Head hike.

Cape Town weather is rapidly changing. Lion’s Head in particular has erratic weather patterns, that may be unsafe at times. We strongly recommend checking the weather forecast in Cape Town for Lion’s Head hike safety. Hourly forecasts provide the best available detailed report, 5 day, 10 day, and even the 14 day Cape Town forecast is not always accurate.

Most dangerous weather for Lion’s Head hike Cape Town.

Lion’s Head hiking trail is a top Cape Town must see attraction. The rock surface on Lion’s Head are smoothed with passing hikers. Rain is the most dangerous weather for Lion’s Head hike Cape Town because the rocks get slippery. The slippery rocks even contain sand particles, caused by the type of rock on Table Mountain. Though the surface on which the trail goes does not change often, the texture of the path changes frequently. Starting Lion’s Head trail the gravel and dirt does not mix well with heat and dry conditions, it becomes slippery. Later the mentioned slippery rocks become a Lion’s Head accident waiting to happen during wet season.

Best weather in Cape Town to embark on Lion’s Head hike.

18 to 26 degrees Celsius in Cape Town with moderate or no winds is the best weather for Lion’s Head hike.

Moderate strength winds are wind speeds less than 25 km/h. However, many days the forecast by weather services does not accurately predict the weather on Lion’s Head hikes. Hire a professional tour guide – We specialize in Lion’s Head hike, embark on a Lion’s Head hike the only way we know is safest to explore hiking in Cape Town.

We check Cape Town weather reports regularly, the time you book a hike with us is always weather conditions suitable for a safe Lion’s Head hike.

Changes in Cape Town weather on a Lion’s Head hike.

It’s good to take your time but the conditions may change, rather quickly. Cape Town is known for strong gale force winds that rip apart houses and through downtown street at around 100 km/hour. The rapid changes of those winds can take a hiker right off their feet. Most likely this will not happen but keep in mind that a wind breaker jacket is a good idea to keep handy during all season. A guided hike takes preference of safety next.

Start with the hourly weather forecast on the day of your Lion’s Head hike. Find a suitable place to start at examining the hourly chart, usually 24 hours or less before the scheduled hike time. An hour before the hike is not even too late to start packing the appropriate clothing, it may save you later, the hassle of over packing or even worse, under packing clothing to wear for the Lion’s Head hike

Clothing and accessories for Lions Head hike.

Find the best clothing to wear for a Lions Head hike, pack light and wear layers. Bring a lightweight jacket with you in a backpack, there may be winds that start around half way on the Lions Head trail. Special requirements for packing the clothing needed during morning, afternoon, sunset and full moon hikes can be found in these section headings:

-A-Z Checklist for Lion’s Head hike.

-Items to bring for a Lions Head morning hike.

-Essential clothing items for Lions head afternoon hike.

-Lions head sunset hike must have clothing.

-Lions Head full moon hike items not to forget.

Shoes for Lion’s Head hike as tested on the trail include those with the best grip, wear a closed shoe with a non slip surface. Examples of what not to wear include sandals, water shoes, high heels, stilettos and other fashion footwear.

The safest way to hike Lion’s Head.

There’s no risk of getting lost with directions to Lions Head mountain, using our award winning hiking services. The safest way to hike Lion’s Head is to book a guided hiking tour with us. – Book Here – Transport is provided as complimentary vehicle from your centrally located accommodation in Cape Town. Driving on the opposite side of the road or using ride hailing services including Uber and Grab, is not required, simply use this form to book your worry free transfer to Lions Head. Start the hike the easiest way by going with all navigation prearranged by our support team, information will be taken on your first contact, only once.

Lion’s Head trail map to navigate the path.

A map is not required when taking a guided private or group hike, Lions Head hikes are done daily by professional guides. Our Lion’s Head tours are well known and recommended on Hike Lion’s Head TripAdvisor for thousands of world travelers. If the guided hike is too dependent for your individual taste then why not request a hiking buddy, who will be with you the whole way without fuss. We offer hiking guides, experienced and qualified to lead the hike with all types groups. The map we use to hike Lions Head is a combination of the hiking conditions, the time and traffic on route. Specific requests can be made to hike a certain trail but the best way to see it all is to let your guide lead you on one of our selected trails, marked as safe.

A picture of Lion’s head trail map, for easy route navigation

Below: Lion’s Head trail map. The image describes the different routes one can take on Lion’s Head trail. Reaching the top of Lion’s Head requires more than basic map reading skills, use our fun and interactive guided hikes without the need of a map.

Basic Lion's Head hike trail map

A map of Lion’s Head hike for experienced mountain climbers.

Below: Included in the photograph is is a detailed map, for the experts. Experienced mountain climbers will find this Lion’s Head trail map better to hike Lion’s Head. It includes an aerial view of the distinct contours and trails up the Lion’s Head path, all seen from a detailed trail map.

Lion’s Head mountain, prevent muggings to hike safely.

Lion’s Head mugging and robbery. Can you protect yourself against these threats to hike safely? Get a real understanding of the Lion’s head dangers, avoid this criminal offence by hiking with a local. Being local usually means knowing what type of person is capable or crimes just by appearance. One of our hiking guides is trained in martial arts, over 10 years, has a black belt in Karate and has competed professionally for Jiu Jitsu, trained 4 years in mixed martial arts with world renowned coaches and taken lessons in Israeli military defense training before Hike Lion’s Head.

To make a summary over the must know facts, it’s better to hike Lions head with a guide. Looking to do a Lions Head hike without reading the must know facts may result in danger or injury. Read more about Lions Head mountain safety and 10 additional safety tips by clicking here

Next we preparing for the hike, so buckle up and take a look at these items to bring with for your Lion’s Head hike

Lion’s Head hike checklist, what to bring with you.

Down to the basic apparel, food, drinks, and safety gear that is required for most adventure sports. Outdoors hiking is a type of adventure sport. Trekking as an adventure tour with Hike Lion’s Head is prepared using a safety checklist. A checklist will ensure that you are following Lion’s Head safety standards set out for mountaineering.

There are two types of checklists that we have provided, making packing for a Lion’s Head hike easy. A-Z Checklist for Lion’s Head hike is a simplified version of the complete Lion’s Head hike essentials, must have hiking accessories.

A-Z Checklist for Lion’s Head hike.

  • Water.
  • Cell Phone.
  • Backpack.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sunhat.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Pull over jacket.
  • Closed shoes.
  • Power bank.
  • Camera.
  • Lip Balm.
  • Flashlight.
  • Wet wipes.
  • First aid kit.
  • Rehydrate powder.
  • Hiking clothing.
  • Emergency flare.
  • Earphones.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • Selfie stick.
  • Sweat band.
  • GoPro.
  • Portable speakers.
  • Health insurance card.
  • Mountain rescue numbers.

Buy most of these items, delivered to your door with next day delivery in Cape Town central. Gumtree South Africa is an excellent source for new and used hiking equipment / outdoors equipment. To find a match on Gumtree, use the search feature to refine search results. Use the the example tags below to categorize your search results for sports goods.

“Hiking” in the “Items” tab with the location set to Cape Town, should give results related to all hiking tangible items listed for sale.

Another place to find hiking items is to visit the local shopping mall, like Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. Overlooking Lion’s head Mountain, the V&A (Victoria and Alfred) has a number of hiking shops to purchase all sorts of hiking shoes and apparel brand new. Shops include Cape Union Mart and similar to Sportsman’s Warehouse. There you will find everything from manufacture specification hiking boots to rugged backpacks for a good day of trekking.

Hiking accessories for different Lion’s Head hike times.

Begin packing for a Lion’s Head mountain by choosing the hike times. Sunrise hikes starting 5:00 to 7:00, morning hikes start 8:00-11:00, Afternoon hikes starting anytime between 12:00 to 15:00, sunset hikes starting 16:00-18:00 and Lion’s Head Full moon hike starting 19:00-22:00, require vastly different hiking accessories.

Lion’s Head sunrise hike, early birds bring these items. (Starting time: 5:00-7:00)

Up bright and early before the crack of dawn, venture outside to start your day with a Lion’s Head sunrise hike. Our hike packing list includes sunrise hikes for the early birds. Lion’s Head sunrise hike accessories include a warm jacket, water, headlamp (we provide) and also good vibes (optional) to start a new day.

Items to bring for a Lions Head morning hike. (Starting time 8:00-11:00)

The weather in Cape Town mornings is usually cooler than mid day, before the sun temperature peaks around noon. Bring a warm jacket and some cover for your exposed body parts, keeping your fingers and toes – or at least your toes, covered to prevent them getting cold. There may be mild wind conditions on some mornings, brining a jacket is always advised and underneath the jacket wear a breathable fabric t shirt for extra warmth. It’s always possible to remove the jacket later on the hike when things warm up, usually morning hikes on Lion’s Head warm up around 9:00 to 10:00.

Essential clothing items for Lions head afternoon hike. (Starting time 12:00-15:00)

There is a number of reasons why you should always remember to bring essential clothing items for Lion’s Head afternoon hike. Starting with the weather and the afternoon heat, the minimum items include sunhat, sunscreen and safe drinking. These items help to prevent the dangers of Lion’s Head, including heat exhaustion, dehydration and sunburn.

Lions head sunset hike must have clothing. (Starting time 16:00-18:00)

The most important clothing on a sunset hike is similar to other hike times. Lion’s Head sunset hikes have items include jacket, water and flashlight. The guided hike includes all of these items except a jacket to keep warm, so book a hike with everything arranged and be ready even before you start the trail.

Lions Head full moon hike items not to forget. (Starting time 19:00-22:00).

Begin the Lion’s Head Full moon hike around 19:00-22:00. The full moon hike Lion’s Head, requires the same must have clothing as the Lion’s Head sunset hike. More items required include an additional jacket to keep extra warm, because night time hikes do get colder. Charge your phone battery fully because full moon hikes up Lion’s Head are usually more busy and take a longer time, increasing the dangers of running out of cell phone charge.

Directions to Lion’s Head hike from Cape Town.

Once you are all set with safety and your gear is packed using the handy checklist, it’s time to consider how you will be getting to Lion’s Head hiking trail.

A guided adventure tour with our professional guide affords you the pleasure of not thinking about things such as the directions to Lion’s Head mountain. Not staying in Cape Town central but still want to join a hike? That’s great, we invite you to find directions below and meet us at Hike Lion’s Head address. Be sure to book a hike in advance, even an hour before so we know you are coming. We have seen an increase in hikers joining us, at Hike Lion’s Head physical address, coming from outside Cape Town.

Take the following steps from Cape Town, South Africa to Lions Head, Signal Hill. Cape Town, head northwest on Darling Street to Corporation Street. Turn left onto Adderley Street. Turn left onto Buitengragt Street/M62. Slight right onto Tafelberg Road. Turn right onto Signal Hill Road. Lion’s Head, Signal Hill.

Once you arrive at Lion’s Head, if self drive, then there will be a place to park your vehicle. Use the Lion’s Head Parking, Signal Hill Road, to park your vehicle in the appropriate zone.

Motorcycles are parked behind the boom gate whereas cars are vertically stationed parallel to Signal Hill Road. Exit the car park and head to the starting point of Lion’s Head trail. A sign written “Friends of Lion’s head” and another sign displaying the South African National Parks (abbreviated SAN Park) rules will signal the start of the Lion’s Head trail.

Fastest route to Lion’s Head during rush hour traffic.

Cape Town has allot traffic, so much that the City of Cape Town announced plans to limit the unbearable bumper to bumper periods during rush hour times. Rush hour times are usually from 7:00 till 12:00 noon, then again from 15:00 till 18:00. During these times it is not recommended to drive on certain jam packed roads, rather use the Fastest route to Lion’s Head during rush hour.

Kloof Nek Road, a busy street that takes a lot of traffic to Lion’s Head, is known for long delays. The fastest route to Lion’s Head during rush hour, is to take either a motorbike up Kloof Nek Road, turn right at Signal Hill Road. The other fastest route to Lion’s Head is via Main Road or Beach Road in Sea Point. Take the other fastest route to Victoria Road, Camps Bay, turn left up Lower Kloof Nek Road, turn right onto Kloof Nek Road, follow the road to the intersection. Then take a sharp left onto Signal Hill Road. Lion’s Head parking will be around 100 meters on your right, the trail starts next to Lion’s Head parking.

Areas for Lion’s Head hike transport, worry-free pickup.

If you are staying near accommodation in Cape Town, includes Atlantic Seaboard (Camps Bay, Fresnaye, Bantry Bay, Clifton), City Bowl (De Waterkant, Devil’s Peak Estate, District Six, Zonnebloem, Gardens, Higgovale, Oranjezicht, Schotsche Kloof, Tamboerskloof, University Estate, Vredehoek, Walmer Estate and Woodstock) enjoy free pickup shuttle service – we offer free shuttle service to Lion’s head guided hikes – applied to all Cape Town accommodation including Hotels, Airbnb, Guest houses, Apartments, Holiday houses, Villas.

It should be mentioned that these places within Cape Town centre also enjoy complimentary pickup. If these places are included in the accommodation where you stay then worry not because all accommodation in Cape Town central is free of charge, no cost.

Hotels in Cape Town for Lion’s Head hike, free transport.

These hotels in Cape Town enjoy free transport – all included for Lion’s Head hike. If your accommodation is not listed here then it may still be eligible for transport, all areas which this service is offered in Cape Town can found here.

List of hotels in Cape Town sorted alphabetically

3 On Camps Bay Boutique Hotel, 51 on Camps Bay, 52 De Wet, 61 on camps bay guesthouse, 62 camps bay, 91 Loop Boutique Hostel, 1110 Icon Hotel, Adderley Hotel, Africabana Luxury Guesthouse, African Dreams Guest House, African Pride 15 On Orange Hotel, Alpha Corporation & Centurion All Suite Hotel, A Sunflower Stop Backpackers, Atholl House, Atlantic-Seaview Apartments, Atlantic Affair Boutique Hotel, Atlantic Pearl, Atlanticview Cape Town Boutique Hotel, Aview, Ayurvedic spa, Azamare Guest House, Balfour Place Guesthouse, Bantry Bay Suite Hotel, Bateleurs Rontree, Bay Reflections – Camps Bay Serviced Apartments, Bayview Penthouses, Bay Villas Hotel Cape Town, Beachside, Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel, Best Western Cape Suites Hotel, Blackheath Lodge, Blue Views, Blue Views House, Blue Views Studios, Blue Waters, Boutique @ 10, Camps Bay Atlantic Villa, Camps Bay Glen, Camps Bay Guest, Camps Bay Retreat Boutique Hotel, Camps Bay Terrace, Camps Bay Terrace, Camps Bay Villa, Camps Bay Village, Cape Allure, Cape Cadogan Boutique Hotel, Cape Diamond Hotel, Cape Grace, Cape Heritage Hotel, Cape Town, Cape Town, Cape Town, Cape Town Hollow Boutique Hotel, Cape Town Lodge Hotel, Cape View Clifton, Caprice, Capsol Luxury Villas & Apartments, Cascades On The Promenade, CB-ONE – Private Golf & Luxury Stay, City Lodge Hotel Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Compass House Boutique Hotel, Daddy Long Legs Art Hotel & Self-Catering Apartments, Derwent House Boutique Hotel, Diamond House, Dock House Boutique Hotel & Spa, Don Beach Road, Dutch Manor Antique Hotel, Ebb Tide, Ellerman House, Entabeni Guest House, Ezard House, Finchley House Guest House, Forty 8 Backpackers, Fountains Hotel Cape Town, Glen Beach Villas, Grande Kloof, Happy Rhino Hotel, Harbouredge Apartments, Hilton Cape Town City Centre, Hippo Boutique Hotel, Holiday Inn Express Cape Town City Centre, Hollow on the Square, Hotel On St Georges Cape Town, Kimberley Hotel Backpackers., Kings in Cape Hotel and Restaurant, Lady Hamilton Hotel, Lion’s View, Long Street Boutique Hotel, Mojo Hotel, More Quarters Hotel, Mount Sierra, New Kings Hotel, Nine Flowers Guest House. Carnival Court Backpackers, Nox Rentals, Ocean Lounge: Hotel Camps Bay Kapstadt, Ocean View House, One&Only Cape Town, ONOMO Hotels – Inn On The Square, O on Kloof Boutique Hotel & Spa, Park Inn by Radisson Cape Town Foreshore, Parliament Hotel, Pepperclub Hotel & Spa, Place on the Bay, POD Camps Bay, POD Hotel Camps Bay, Premier Hotel Cape Town, President Hotel, Prime Camps-Bay, Primi Royal Hotel, Primi Royal Hotel, Primi Seacastle, Protea Hotel, Protea Hotel by Marriott, Protea Hotel by Marriott Cape Town Cape Castle, Protea Hotel by Marriott Cape Town North Wharf,Protea Hotel by Marriott Cape Town Victoria Junction, Protea Hotel by Marriott Cape Town Waterfront Breakwater Lodge, Protea Hotel Fire & Ice Cape Town, Queen Victoria Hotel & Manor House, Radisson Blu Hotel, Radisson Blu Hotel & Residence, Radisson Blu Le Vendome Hotel,

Radisson RED V&A Waterfront, Riviera Suites, Rockwell All Suite Hotel & Apartments, Romney Park All Suite Hotel and Spa, Rouge On Rose Boutique Hotel, Sea Five Boutique Hotel, Sea Mount Studio, Sea Star Rocks Boutique Hotel, South Beach Camps Bay, Southern Sun Cape Sun, Southern Sun The Cullinan, Southern Sun Waterfront Cape Town, StayEasy Cape Town City Bowl, Strand Tower Hotel, Sugar Hotel, SUN1 Foreshore, SunSquare Cape Town City Bowl, SunSquare Cape Town Gardens, Swiss Cottage Guest House, Søvn Experience+Lifestyle, Taj Cape Town, The Backpack Hostel Cape Town, The Bay Atlantic Guest House, The Bay Hotel, The Cape Milner, The Cape Milner, The Cape Royale, The Capetonian, The Capital Mirage, The Cloud Nine Boutique Hotel, The Commodore Hotel, The Crystal,The Fairways, The Fritz Hotel, The Glen Apartments, The Glen Boutique Hotel & Spa, The Grand Daddy, The Greenhouse Boutique Hotel, The Grey Hotel, The Hyde Hotel, The Kove Collection, The Marly Hotel, The New Tulbagh Hotel, The One 8 Hotel, The Peninsula All-Suite Hotel, The Portswood Hotel, The Regency, The Silo Hotel, The Table Bay hotel, The Tree House Boutique Hotel, The Westin Cape Town, Tintagel Guesthouse, Townhouse Hotel, Tudor Hotel, Two Oceans Back Packers, Upper Campsbay Guest House, Urban Chic Boutique Hotel, Vetho Villa, Victoria & Alfred Hotel, Villa Atlantica, Village n Life, Villa on the Bay, Villa Romantica Camps Bay, Villa Romantica Guest House, Villa Simona, Villa Simona, Villa Surprise Guest House, Villa Zest Boutique Hotel, Villa Zest Boutique Hotel, Welgelegen Boutique Guest House, Winchester Mansions

Looking for accommodation in Cape Town? Try using these websites, favored by locals. Search for accommodation in Cape Town, Central. Hike Lion’s Head offers transport within Cape Town Central and surrounding areas including Atlantic Seaboard., (Recommended),,,,

Transport to Lion’s Head hike if outside of Cape Town, zones not included.

We are pleased to be able to offer all hiking clients the opportunity to self drive with directions to Lion’s head hike from Cape Town. If self drive is not the method of transport then there are a number of ride hailing services in Cape Town. These include Uber and Grab, the only two online taxi services that you will need when in Cape Town.

The apps for these taxi services can be downloaded on your mobile.

Uber –

Grab –

Enter the destination in the app, Lion’s Head parking, Signal Hill Road, Cape Town. Your origin is the place where the taxi will find and collect you. Transport will deliver you to the main entrance of Lion’s Head trail, the guide will meet you.

Different trails for Lion’s Head hike.

Lions head hike is a round route trek up a spiral path or a direct climb up a chains path. Finding the right direction for you is easier than you think. Our common question that we ask our clients when hiking is, “Are you scared of heights?” If the answer is yes then without doubt our professional guide will be taking you on a spiral accent of Lions Head, taking you around the mountain before reaching the summit. Our clients who mention a fearless no as the answer are ready to tackle Lions Head chains path, the path directly up Lions Head.

Lion’s Head Chains route – Not safe for fear of heights.

The chains route is an adventure trail up Lion’s Head, it attracts a younger crowd although this rule is not set in stone. The difference between the Chains route and the Spiral route is that the Chains has a steep incline of rock assisted by a vertical navigation of metal chains, safely inserted into the rock. This route is only a few meters however do not attempt this trail if you are afraid of heights. There is another route for you, the Lion’s Head Spiral route.

Lion’s Head Spiral route – Safest Lion’s Head trail.

Both of these routes we offer – at Hike Lion’s Head – to clients choosing to hike with our premium guided hiking service. Lion’s Head Spiral route is better for it’s easy going nature and leisure trek to the base of Lion’s Head summit. There, marvel at the summit to take photographs and a short break before beginning the final leg of the journey. This route takes a fair amount of hikers however during times like Lion’s Head full moon hike, the hike up Lion’s Head once a month at the time the moon is at its fullest.

Get navigated safely to the top of Lion’s Head by one or two routes, a decision made by the guide or group on the day of the hike. Take wonderful detail rich photos on the summit and then head back to the base of Lion’s Head, where once more you will have time for rest and photos before hopping in the complimentary worry-free transfer vehicle drop off to your accommodation.

Lions Head hike trail difficulty, intensity of routes.

Lion’s Head trail is moderate intensity hike and mostly suitable for persons of all ages, so let the unnecessary stress of the hike go away in peaceful nature. Once you are on your way to the Lion’s Head hike, there is nothing more to be overly concerned about safety. If your fitness is not right for the trail, technical skills do not match the route or ability to climb is different than anticipated then the guide will simply change course to a new route.

The best trails to hike Lions head.

While there’s no real difference between the two routes we take to the top of Lions Head, the real challenge is to find the best trail to hike Lions Head for you. Depending whether you like to to take it easy and walk at a leisurely place or get technical with the lions head chains, there’s a route for everyone.

Hike Lion’s Head recommends booking the guided hiking tour, we select the best trail to hike Lion’s Head mountain that is compatible with the tour group.

The safest Lion’s Head hike trail.

The best thing about Lions Head is that the views are amazing from almost any place, along the hike there may be hard to find places that entice you to seek out beyond the beaten path. Our suggestion for these places is to use our guided hiking services to safely navigate the rocky cliffs that surround Lions Head.

How long does it take to hike Lion’s Head?

The Lion’s Head hike duration is estimated to take 90 minutes (one way) to 4 hours (return). How long it takes to hike Lion’s Head is estimated below in two different durations, one way and return. Take a look in more detail about what these two Lion’s Head hike duration includes.

One way Lion’s Head hike duration. (90 min)

0-30 minutes, begin Lion’s Head hike trail.

30-45 minutes, rest and take pictures.

45-60 minutes, reach first base.

60-90 minutes, summit Lion’s Head mountain.

Total duration: 90 minutes (one way).

Return duration of Lion’s Head hike. (4 hours)

0-1 hour, hike Lion’s Head trail to the final duration one way hike.

1-1.5 hours, summit Lion’s Head hike, finish one way duration.

1.5-2.5 hours, rest half way of the return duration of Lion’s Head hike, elevation 669 meters.

2.5-4 hours, one way down Lion’s Head trail, finish the return Lion’s Head hike.

Total duration: 4 hours (return)

Different times to hike Lion’s head trails.

There are certain hours that make for the best times to hike different lion’s head trails. The Spiral Route is rather nice for sunset because of the scenic backdrop of the ocean. The Chains route is better for doing the Lions Head hike in time for sunset and sunrise. We know how early the sun sunrises during summer, our hikes include the starting trail to reach the top early in in the morning, a time for a Lion’s Head sunrise hike starts between 5:00 and 7:00 (The actual starting time will be confirmed after booking). Comparatively the Lion’s Head sunset hike begins around 16:00 to 18:00, in time for a beautiful sunset in Cape Town.

Lion’s Head sunrise hike, Cape Town at dawn.

There’s a hike for people who rise insanely early, sunrise in Cape Town is no better spent than on top of Lion’s Head. Watch the golden moments the sun comes from Table Mountain direction, illuminating the city of Cape Town. Start the hike before sunrise with collection from your accommodation between 5:00 to 7:00 in the early daylight hours.

Make your way to the Lion’s Head parking, Signal Hill Road, where you will receive the headlamps and safety accessories before being briefed by your guide. Take hike up Lion’s Head for sunrise to reach the top around 6:30 – 8:30. A perfect start to your day is now complete and you may now take the breath of fresh air for 60 minutes. Start your downward hike an hour after you ascend, around 7:30-9:30, making your way back down in time for the return shuttle home and complimentary hot drinks (coffee, tea or hot chocolate) included in the Lion’s Head hike cost. Return to your accommodation between 9:00-11:00.

Lions Head morning hike, a glorious day.

The day is glorious because it begins with collection from your accommodation 8:00-11:00, where you will start the morning hike before rush hour traffic hits Cape Town.

The morning hike reaches the top around 7:00-9:00, then 60 minutes is provided for photos. After 60 minutes is up, return down Lion’s Head trail around 9:00-11:00, transport complementary back to your accommodation in time for a total duration of 4 hour return.

Lions head afternoon hike, late is better than never.

A warmer hike starting from 12:00-15:00. Lions head afternoon hike takes 90 minutes one way or 4 hours return. The transport will fetch you for an afternoon hike much the same way as a morning hike, oh glorious.

Lions head sunset hike is the hike up Lion’s Head trail for sundowners. This is our most purchased hike, the one time people prefer to go up and take photos. The view of sunset on Lion’s Head mountain is better than any 5 star hotel restaurant or rooftop bar in Cape Town.

Really, even places like Cafe Caprice and One and Only in Cape Town, with their excellent location and views don’t compare to a Lion’s Head sunset hike.

Lions Head full moon hike, like a Lion at night.

The full moon event is a once a month Lion’s Head hike. The event draws people in from all over Cape Town to hike the shaped mountain by night. This event is by request only, the cost be requested can be established by filling out this form. The only way to find out about this event guided hikes is to contact us because the schedule may vary depending on a number of factors. Usually a Full moon hike begins around 19:00 till late.

For a list of Lion’s Head hike times, visit the following link with hiking time tables:

Lion’s Head hike distance, how long is Lion’s Head trail?

The Lion’s Head trail take you from the base of Lion’s Head, to the top and back again in a 5.5km round trip. This distance varies depending on the route, Chains or Spiral. Once you reach the furthest distance to go up Lion’s Head, return using the trail down finishing the total length of Lion’s Head hike.

The best time to hike Lion’s Head trail.

Ever wonder how the pros do it? Here’s the catch and it applies to everyone who does a Lion’s Head hike, any time of day.

The best time to hike Lion’s Head trail is bright and early in the morning, when the City of Cape Town is sleeping, enjoy a complimentary pickup from your accommodation before rush hour. If you are late to rise in the morning, the other best time to hike Lion’s Head trail is before the end of normal business hours – 9:00 to 17:00, there will be less people on the mountain and more time to relax in the transport provided rest assured of a happy and hassle free guided hike.

If you are getting directions meet us as hike Lion’s Head, the best time to go is anytime you choose. There’s no real risk missing the perfect sunrise, golden sunset or even that picturesque afternoon view over Cape Town skies. Hike Lion’s Head has scheduled hikes at all times of day, ready to take you on the next available hike. Remember to book a guided Lion’s Head hike in time, ideally before you arrive to confirm availability. We will include the details on the final email confirmation sent to you after completing – this form.

Lion’s Head hike photography, best photos of Cape Town

Book a Lion’s Head guided hike for the best golden times captured on camera, the photographer / guide accompanying you on the hike knows where to get the proper exposure and lighting. Lion’s Head overlooks the landmarks of Cape Town including Signal Hill, Table Mountain, Devils Peak, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Robben Island among others like Cape of Good Hope. The photos may be taken on your very own camera and at no additional cost, you can have your very own private photography hike in Cape Town.

How to book a Lion’s Head hike.

  1. Read this article.
  2. Use this contact form to book.
  3. Representative will confirm hike.
  4. Day prior to hike, receive reminder.
  5. Guide will contact you day of hike.
  6. Transport pickup at accommodation.
  7. Complete Lion’s Head hike with guide.
  8. Drop off back to the accommodation
  9. Pay after the hike, cash or credit card.
  10. Thank you! Rate us, read reviews.

This article was written by Hike Lion’s Head. We enjoyed sharing this time with you. In this article we explored many of the safety factors of Lion’s Head hike, even some useful tips to further hiking preparation. Now is the chance to learn more about how to book a Lion’s Head hike.

How much does Lion’s Head hike cost?

The Lion’s Head hike cost is R 1150 = $ 75 per person. Included is transport from Cape Town, professional guide and nutrition (water, snacks and hot drinks) to keep you moving. The hike takes you places safely doing so provides the most efficient cost structure than making your own hiking arrangements. The prices for all routes are the same, different routes have the same cost.

Keyword phrases about Lion’s Head hike.

Lion’s Head height = How high Lion’s Head is extends above sea level is measured at 669 meters.

Lion’s Head hike safety = The common dangers of Lion’s Head hike include muggings, robbery and injury.

Lion’s Head hike distance = Total distance the Lion’s Head trail is around 5.5km round trip.

Lion’s Head hike price = The cost to hike Lion’s Head is $ 75 = R 1150 per person.

Lion’s Head hike time = The time it takes to complete a Lion’s Head hike is around 4 hours both ways.

Lion’s Head directions = The Lion’s Head trail begins at Lion’s Head parking, Signal Hill Road.

Lion’s Head hike map = A hiking map useful at providing routes on the Lion’s Head trail.

Lion’s Head parking = The designated parking area for Lion’s Head hike.

Lion’s Head Full moon hike = A once a month hike up Lion’s Head during full moon.

Lion’s Head hike trail = The official trail to hike Lion’s Head.

Physical Address for Hike Lion’s Head.

Find us at our physical addresses for Hike Lion’s Head. These locations are the addresses where self-drive clients meet us at the Lion’s Head hike trail. If self-drive, please use the contact form to establish self drive booking, then use the Directions to Lion’s Head hike from Cape Town, to meet us at the addresses.

Address 1 – Meet us at Lion’s Head Hike


Address 2 – Visit at Lion’s Head Parking


Address 3 – Hike with us at Lion’s Head


Business hours of Hike Lion’s Head.

Business hours are opening and closing times for Lion’s Head Hikes. These times are Monday to Sunday, 5:00 to 22:00. We are open on public holidays, including Christmas and New Years.

Monday 5:00 to 22:00

Tuesday 5:00 to 22:00

Wednesday 5:00 to 22:00

Thursday 5:00 to 22:00

Friday 5:00 to 22:00

Saturday 5:00 to 22:00

Sunday 5:00 to 22:00

Contact details for Lion’s Head hike.

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