10 safety tips to do a Lions Head hike. Proper mountain safety can prevent Lion’s Head muggins and accidents.

Easily our best 10 pick of safety tips for a Lion’s Head hike.

  1. Never hike Lion’s Head alone – Hiking alone can be dangerous. Lion’s Head hike for solo travelers can be arranged in our groups.
  2. Plan the Lion’s Head trail before the hike – Plan your Lion’s Head route or join one of our exciting Lion’s Head guided hikes.
  3. Start the Lion’s Head trail at the right time – Lions Head hike times are scheduled dependent on season. We have a Lion’s Head morning, afternoon or even sunset hike.
  4. Full moon hikes are fun but there’s more – Lion’s Head full moon hikes are night time scrambles in the dark. You need to bring a flashlight for full moon hike. Hike Lion’s Head tours provide this lighting tested in the dark for full moon or sunset Lion’s Head hikes.
  5. The cost to hike Lion’s Head includes our experience and your safety. Priced into the Lion’s Head hike is our guides combined experience of more than 30 years and your safety. Spare the expense of a guide at the cost of doing Lion’s Head hike dangerously.
  6. Lion’s Head weather – Weather in Cape Town can change at a moments notice. Cape Town weather is known for strong winds and clouds that cover Lion’s Head at certain times of day. These clouds on Lion’s Head forecast rain as the weather for tomorrow (next day) in Cape Town.
  7. Lion’s Head accidents may result from wear incorrect shoes – The Lion’s Head trail can be slippery, please use a hiking shoe with good grip on the Lion’s Head hike.
  8. The most common Lion’s Head dangers include muggings and injury. Lion’s Head muggings are unfortunate events, likely preventable with the use of our Lion’s Head guided hikes. The guides on our Lion’s Head hikes are all locals and therefore know the type person who’s appearance is threatening to likely performing Lion’s Head robberies.
  9. The Lion’s Head trail takes 4 hours – The time it takes to hike Lions Head is roughly 4 hours. Being prepared for the 4 hour trail up Lion’s Head Mountain means being fit enough to last the entire hike duration. The four hour Lion’s Head hike assumes breaks and photographs totaling one hour and stops for rest periods.
  10. Play it safe and bring enough water. – To make sure you set to go hiking Lion’s Head, use the above points to prepare your hike. lastly are number 10 of safety tips. Play it safe and bring enough water for hiking, usually 1-2 large bottles of water per person.
  11. BONUS. Get ready for your Lion’s Head guided hike – Are your cell phones charged for your Lion’s Head hike? Safety is one thing but in case of injury there is usually cell phone reception on Lion’s Head. Stay safe and avoid the dangers of Lion’s Head outlined in the 10 safety tips to Lion’s Head. Lion’s Head hiking guides are on the mountain every day. Hike Lion’s Head guides are the only guides specializing in the Lion’s Head trail safety. Please make use of our guided hiking services by WhatsApp +27 (0) 817625551 or emailing bookings@hikelionshead.co.za as our services include Lion’s Head hike safety.

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