The full moon Hike up Lion’s Head at night is a once in a full moon experience! The full moon hike up Lion’s Head starts around 6-8pm on a full moon night. The occasional hike during the one time of the month is a must try experience! At 669 meters high, Lions Head full moon hike offers some excellent views of the city during the brightly lit hours of a full moon hike. Lion’s Head is surrounded by Table mountain and the city of Cape Town. The city of Cape Town at night lights up in a display of awe. Getting to the top of the Lion’s Head mountain before dark ensures that you will see a clear and beautiful sunset over Cape Town. The hike down Lion’s Head during full moon is rather busy and you will want to go with a group of people to get the most fun and safety out of your Lion’s Head full moon hike.

The full moon hike up Lion’s Head takes 45 minute to 1 hour, except you will want to check these times with your hiking guide up Lion’s Head.

Start by booking one of our most popular night time hikes. The the same hiking equipment applies to night time hikes as during the day. Bring an extra warm jacket and a torch to light up the Lion’s Head path. The full moon hike is rather lit up because of the distinctly bright time of the month the moon shines but better to be prepared. Bring good hiking shoes, a camera and enough water to sustain a hike up Lions Head.

The initially the Lion’s Head full moon hike starts as a steep walk on the lions head contour. This steep trail up Lion’s Head leads to a more leveled path and then out onto an open space populated by wild South African fynbos (indigenous plant species). The Lion’s Head full moon hike has a great view of Sea Point, Green Point and Camps Bay.

Get a good walking photograph on Lions Head directly above Signal Hill. With the most scenic backdrop to a picture perfect photograph, you will have time to get some breathtaking night time photographs of the city and surrounding mountains. Our path then develops into the final stretch towards the summit.

You have now seen the city in a whole different light by night with Hike Lions Head (Cape Town)

Suddenly, find yourself looking over an edge. Around a narrow ledge and beneath a sky full of stars. Using the rocks as footholds for yourself pull up onto the first ledge and keeps to the inside track of the mountain by holding onto the Lions Head chains.

This is now the last section before we reach the top. Watch out for other people on the path, Lion’s Head can get dangerously packed like the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront on certain nights. Everyone out wants to see that perfect sunset and get the most beautiful star gazing on top of the mountain. It would be best to stick together as a group and listen to your group leader for instructions on where to proceed to next.

Next stop, Lion’s Head the panoramic views of Cape Town, it’s vast oceans and surrounding mountains.

Lions Head at night looks magnificent, wearing a black dress with sparking diamond jewelry.

One more time, looking over your shoulder at the shimmering city lights. We will embark on a journey back down the mountain, just in time for a late night snack or beer at one of Cape Town best craft beer breweries. Many people bring head lamps and we suggest you do the same. Even a cellphone provides better lighting than available from the natural moon light.

Full moon hike and night hikes up Lions head gets our Full Moon hikes get fully booked quickly. Members group bookings are limited. Do not miss out and book in advance a few weeks or days before the hike.

Full moon or night hiking up Lion’s Head is a must do! Lions Head hike boasts the most spectacular panoramic views and there is no comparing the view to anything else. Hike Lions Head (Cape Town) has pre-planned routes for anyone. Once you have booked your Lion’s Head Hike get ready for at the top sunset destination in Cape Town and await the rise of the Full Moon.

Lion's Head


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