Getting to the bottom of the things on Table Mountain VS Lion’s Head hike. We compare two of Cape Town’s most popular hiking routes. Each route is distinctly unique for what it offers and even some useful tips on hiking in Cape Town.

Overall view Table Mountain is one of those hikes that you look onto the bay and surrounding Cape Town and think to yourself, WOW. In a distance you will see Cape Town from an elevation of around 1000 meters and the far off areas of Cape Town, not seen from on land. If you ask anyone who has hiked up Lion’s Head before, they might say that the view on top of Lion’s head is even more spectacular than on Table Mountain. For one, on Table Mountain you can not see Table Mountain! Lion’s Head offers a unique opportunity to see both Table Mountain as a backdrop to the city of Cape Town and even the best panoramic views of the whole of Cape Town Lion’s Head
Hike description There are many different routes to hike up Table Mountain, however the better routes are the ones that are offered by Hike Lion’s Head. Table Mountain is a better overall hike than Lion’s Head because it has a more authentic feeling. The routes we take are part of the various gorges on Table Mountain so you will be able to block out the noise of the city for a more immersive hiking experience. If you are looking for the easiest hike and are short on time then Lion’s Head hike is the right choice. Not only will you experience a nature hike but you will even get a real hiking experience on par with Table Mountain. Table Mountain
Flexibility of hiking times Table Mountain may be hiked at any time of day, the most popular time is to hike up mornings before the heat of mid day takes a direct space above the trail. Lion’s Head on the other hand is best hiked for two times during the day. Lion’s Head is highly recommended for a Sunrise or Sunset hike. The route can get very busy during these times and even require some advanced planning to avoid the crowed. To get the most out of your Lion’s Head hike we recommend making an advanced booking and we will contact you with a hike time. Table Mountain
Value for money Table Mountain includes transport*, snacks, refreshments and even your cableway ticket down the mountain. Lion’s Head includes transport*, snacks, refreshments. Table Mountain
Feeling The feeling of being on top of the world is a good way to describe the feeling you get from being on top of Table Mountain. Lion’s Head is an experience like none other. It will be a memory that you will cherish and look back on as one of those defining hiking moments. Lion’s Head

Lion's Head or Table Mountain

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